Thursday, 27 March 2014

Great British Stories

Hello Dearies.

So in my perusing of the interweb lately I've come across the 'Great British Stories' in association with Premier Inn. They're a collection of cute and funny cartoon strips and YouTube videos from wonderful little parts of Great Britain.

My favourite is called 'Above The Clouds' which is set in the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset, of particular interest to me because I love all things Roman. It takes its name from the Latin Aquae Sulis, a small town in the Roman province of Brittania. Today's city of Bath has a monument to the original Roman Baths in the city, where you can visit. Or even have a luxury spa break if that takes your fancy (it does mine - try the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel, highly recommended).

I'm a sucker for anything romantic and this story made me smile.

Do you have a Great British Story? Leave me a comment or check out the rest of the tales here.

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